Email Extractor Lite 1.4


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Free Email Extractor New Version

Email Extractor Lite 1.4 is a free online tool and software used for extracting emails from a text. The Email Extractor Lite can be used to separate any email from text and generate a list comma separated or using another sepparator. It is a desktop software working online also known as bigbooster javascript software or program.

Email Extractor Lite can be used to extract emails from hotmail, outlook express, yahoo, gmail, online texts and url. I can export data in colon, tab, comma sepparated emails and also list managing for newsletters.

This is ported from a version of an advanced spider software, known online as Benjamin or bigbooster desktop softare. Email Extractor Lite is a powerfull professional advanced tool used to extract emails and manage lists simple and easy.

How to use Email Extractor Lite

Paste your text containing any email addresses in the Input Window, choose options and press Extract Emails button. The Email Extractor Lite will get any emails and add them to Output Window using your filters.

  1. Copy text containing emails from any website, document, files, etc.
  2. Paste test into Input Window
  3. Click Extract Emails button and wait for the Output Window to be generated.
  4. Copy the content of Output Window and use the emails to build your best newsletter list.

Please use this tool responsibly. DO NOT use this tool for generating spaming lists or use it for illegal porposes.
Email Extractor Lite does not allow and DOES NOT encourage any unethical activities escpecially spaming.